Ballbusting Torture

Ballbusting torture
Ballbusting torture

Ballbusting torture is one of the oldest but still one of the most painful femdom torture techniques. Today, you will have a chance to meet ballbusting torture mistress Vicky and also meet her unique ballbusting style that she is performing on this pathetic ballbusting femdom slave.In this first ballbusting torture lesson, ballbusting mistress demonstrates some of her ballbusting tortureĀ  expertise. As you may know, she’s earned a superior degree on ballbusting through the years when she made hundreds of ballbusting slaves to suffer.
When you see some scenes from this ballbusting torture session you will find out that his testicles cannot take her savage attack, nor even his pelvic bones. The end is clear: mushed gonads. If you click on ballbusting torture photo above, you will find much more, for example : Hard ballbusting, missile-like groin kicking, hard knees to the nuts, ass kicking, face crush, groin standing, ballbusting in metal stiletto heels, handcrush, balls busted from behind….



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